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Bosby & Associates Terms & Conditions


Purchasing equipment from Bosby & Associates is risk-free. If you don’t want the item, you do not have to keep it.

After receipt of an item, if there is an issue, simply call or email to discuss the situation. If we cannot come to some solution (repair, replacement part, training, or renegotiation of the price) simply return the item for a full refund. I will apologize for the inconvenience.

The only exception is for new items that I purchase on a client’s behalf (e.g. computer upgrade for an interferometer system).

This has been a “founding” principle of Bosby & Associates since 1995.

USA Domestic Shipments
Standard payment terms are Net 10 days. If you are a repeat customer, I may extend Net 30 terms. If we have not previously done business, we will need to discuss appropriate terms – possibly being prepay.

International Shipments
All items are 100% Prepay.