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MOUNT MANIA!!  I have a bunch of mounts available right now, and I mean a lot. 

1st gen 5-axis with 1/2″ Z-travel and one with 2″ Z-travel, 2nd gen 5-axis, a special absolute 2-sphere 6-axis mount and a few 2-axis, 1st and 2nd gen.

Ready to make a deal, let’s talk.


Zygo® Mount, 4-inch – 5-axis – $2,950  >>  $1,950

Micrometer X/Y knobs.  1/2″ Z-travel – 1st generation with new-style tip/tilt.

Zygo® Mount, 4-inch – 5-axis – $3,450  >>  $2,450

2″ Z-travel w/drum micrometer drive – 1st generation

Zygo® Mount, 4-inch – 5-axis – $5,950

2″ Z-travel – 2nd generation

Zygo® Mount, 4-inch – 5-axis – $5,950

3rd generation, This mount had no Z-drive. We modified the mount and it now has a Z-drive hand screw. This mount is designed to move along side the Zygo radius slide. It has the rollers on the bottom. Modifications raised center line slightly. Email for more info and/or pictures.

Zygo® Mount, 4-inch – 5-axis – $5,950

This is a special mount with long Z-range. It was developed for absolute spherical surface measurements (2-sphere methodology). Email for more info and/or pictures.

Zygo® Mount, 4-inch – 2-axis – $1,750

2nd generation (knobs on top) – the color is funky on this one, two-tone silver color, not brown or gray. Totally functional, just not “color-matching” with traditional Zygo colors

Zygo® Mount, 6-inch – 2-axis – $1,950

2nd generation (knobs on top, light brown color)

Zygo® Mount, 4-inch – 2-axis – $950

1st generation

Zygo® Self-Centering Element Holder (SCEH), 4-inch – $1,250


Zygo® Self-Centering Element Holder (SCEH), 6-inch – $3,525


Zygo® Adapter, 4-inch to 33mm – $995

This is an adapter plate, not an Aperture Converter. It is a mechanical plate that fits into 4″ accessory receptacle and has 33mm accessory holder. No magnification.

Radius of Curvature Standard – $1,095

Silicon Carbide ball that can be used as Radius of Curvature (ROC) standard, 1-inch ball = 1/2″ Radius. Grade 5 ball = diameter and roundness are within 5 micro-inches (125 nm) of nominal.

Parts for GPI or Verifire Downward Looking Kit – inquire if interested

(1) Mounting bracket, rods

Downward Looking Kit for GPI or Verifire Interferometer – $5,950.00

Includes base plate with 4″ or 6″ tip/tilt stage, 2 mounting brackets, 3 rods (38″ or 60″)

Downward Looking Kit for Mark Interferometer – $1,950

Original Zygo style that uses fold mirror.

Downward Looking Kit for Mark Interferometer – $4,950

Different design than the original from Zygo. This design takes the mainframe and points it downward. Great when measuring plano parts.

ADE-Phase Shift Technology Downward Looking Base plate for MiniFIZ – $50