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TMC Vibration Isolation Table, 2′ by 2′ and 20″ H.  Has very heavy counterweight that fastens to the bottom of the stainless steel top.  Was used with a Zygo VeriFire on a vertical stand.  Thus the small foorprint and low height. $1,500



Radius of Curvature Standard – Silicon Carbide ball that can be used as Radius of Curvature (ROC) standard, 1-inch ball = 1/2″ Radius. Grade 5 ball = diameter and roundness are within 5 micro-inches (125 nm) of nominal. $995

Point Source Microscope

Used for the alignment of optical systems and tests. The PSM is also invaluable for aligning aspheric optics, including off-axis aspheres. Because the PSM not only locates point images but shows the image shape, it is used to aid in holding the image in the correct translational location while the asphere is adjusted to reduce the alignment aberrations to zero. Additional information and technical papers available.