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interference microscope objectives



Zygo® New View 200/600/5000/6000/7000/8000 Interference Objectives, infinity corrected

Zygo® 2.5x, Michelson, S/N 424068 – Measured against SiC standard = 9.4A RMS and 58.5A PV $4,500

Zygo® 2.5x, Michelson, LR, S/N 423233 – Measured against SiC standard = 84.6A PV and 13.3A RMS (w/cylinder removed = 4.8A RMS) – $4,500

Zygo® 2.75x, Michelson, S/N 0904005 – Sq 1.08nm, Sz 6.83

Zygo® 2.75x, Michelson, S/N xyz-1625008 – Sq 1.80nm, Sz 10.39

Zygo® 3x, Michelson, Low Reflectivity S/N 1337002 $4,500

Zygo® 5x, Michelson, Low Reflectivity S/N 425155 Measured against SiC standard = 6.6A RMS and 48.5A PV. $4,500

Zygo® 5x, Michelson, S/N 426005 Original Zygo data = 11.1A RMS and 89A PV – $4,500

Zygo® 5x, Michelson, S/N 427090 – 5.6A RMS and 53A PV – $4,500

Zygo® 5x, Michelson, S/N 425379 – Measured against SiC standard = 6.6 RMS and 58.9A PV. This objective has some artifacts that appear to be internal, but data looks quite good. $2,950

Zygo® 5x, Michelson, S/N 425389, Low-reflectivity objective – Measured against Precision RF = 6.2A RMS and 46A PV. $4,950

Zygo® 5x, Michelson, S/N 426217, This objective has a pretty good size “goober”; not sure where it is but probably on the reference mirror. Measurement data is good, data is dropped in the “goober” area. Measured against SiC standard = 6.2A RMS and 85A PV. $1,950

Zygo® 50x, Mirau, S/N 1521030 – Original Zygo data and Zygo ATP report included. In Zygo metal box. RMS = 1.2nm SOLD

Zygo® 50x, Mirau, no S/N, metal barrel missing, so it’s not pretty, but functions perfectly – Tested at 32.4A PV and 3.7A RMS – $2,950 obo

Zygo® 50x TC, Mirau, S/N 001, Zygo exterior metal housing is missing – Measured against SiC standard at 3.4A RMS – $3,950 obo

Zygo® 50x, Mirau, S/N S-I 500356 – Not tested yet

Zygo® 50x, Mirau, S/N ETS-I 500079 Like new. Have original data. $4,950

Zygo® 50x TC, Mirau, S/N I 500003 – measured against SiC standard = 3.3A RMS – $4,950

Zygo® 50x TC, Mirau, S/N I 500011 – measured against SiC standard = 4.75A RMS – $4,950

Veeco 50x, Mirau, S/N 38451-7 $3,950

Zygo® 100x, Mirau, S/N I 190034

Zygo® New View 6000/7000 zoom tubes (FOV) – 0.5x and 1.0x

Zygo® New View 100 Interference Objectives, non-infinity corrected

Zygo®/Nikon 2.5x, Michelson (25 available) $195/ea
Zygo® 5x, Michelson, S/N 950214 $200 – measured against SiC standard = 3.4A RMS
Zygo® 40x, Mirau S/N 410121 – $195 – measured against SiC standard = 2.5A RMS
Zygo® 40x, Mirau S/N 410173 – $195 – measured against SiC standard = 1.9A RMS
Zygo® 40x, Mirau S/N 410152 – $195 – measured against SiC standard = 2.4A RMS
Zygo 100x

ADE-PST MicroXAM Objectives

50x AT (athermal), Mirau, infinity corrected

Wyko TOPO 2D & 3D Interference Objectives

2.5x, 5x, 10x, 20x, 40x
Super cheap…like free! Let me know if you can use one….