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Prisms Unlimited Assets

Zygo® Mount, 4-inch - 5-axis, 1/2" Z-travel - 1st generation $3,950 (several available)

Zygo® Mount, 4-inch - 5-axis, 2-inch Z-travel - 3rd generation - $5,950

New Zygo® Self-Centering Element Holder, 4-inch - $1,500 (I purchased one from Zygo to have on-hand for quick delivery)

non-Zygo Mount, 4-inch - 5-axis, 2-inch Z-travel - This is a "custom made" 5-axis mount. Very nice and similar to Zygo 2nd-gen 5-axis mount. Same C/L as Zygo mount. It has micrometers for the X-Y adjustments.  Email for pictures. $3,950 SOLD

ADE-PST Mount, 4-inch - 2-axis, used with the OptiFlat for adjustment along the Z-axis with motorized Z drive (actuator is present but not the driver electronics). Also has sliding cover on a rail system to minimize air turbulence in the cavity. Email for pictures - $2,450

Zygo® Mount, 6-inch - 2-axis, 1st generation - $1,450

Zygo® Apapter, 4-inch to 33mm. This is an adapter plate, not an Aperture Converter. It is a mechanical plate that fits into 4" accessory receptacle and has 33mm holder. No magnification. $995


Digital Radius Slide, 1-meter, includes linear encoder with digital display - 1 micron resolution (+/- 0.0005 mm). Zygo mount will interface to the moving carriage. $4,500...sometimes I have this and other times I don't. Email to inquire.

OR replace the 10 micron encoder on your existing older-style digital radius slide with a 1 micron resolution scale with digital display. $3,500

Radius of Curvature Standard
Silicon Carbide ball that can be used as Radius of Curvature (ROC) standard, 1-inch ball = 1/2" Radius. Grade 5 ball = diameter and roundness are within 5 micro-inches (125 nm) of nominal. $995

3-axis mount for GPI Vertical Kit - I don't know if this is complete or 100% functional. It has a 6-inch X-Y stage on top and some Z-adjustment below. I can send pictures if interested.

Downward Looking Kit for Mark Interferometer
- original Zygo style. $3,950

Downward Looking Kit for Mark Interferometer - a different design than the original from Zygo. This design takes the mainframe and points it downward. Great when measuring plano parts. $3,950

ADE-Phase Shift Technology Downward Looking Base plate for MiniFIZ - $50

Motorized stages for Zygo® New View 100/200 or 5000 - X/Y and Z, tip/tilt with joystick and stage driver



Jeff Bosby


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