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Zygo 24" Optics Assembly box (where the 24" collimator would mount). No optics, only the TF mounting HW. Can be used as an 24" RF mount. Has tip/tilt adjusting knobs. $3,950 SOLD

New service now available. Rework your existing Transmission Flat...Lambda/20
Disassemble and re-polish un-coated reference surface and reassemble, 4" = $595, 6" = $795
Disassemble and re-polish both surfaces, un-coated, reference S1 surface and AR coated back S2 surface and reassemble, 4" = $895, 6" = $1,095

Olympus BH2 toolmakers microscope....with 5 objectives. Includes: NEO X Plan 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 NIC and NIC Polarizer, MTI 3CCD Camera, Z height Motor, X Motor, Theta Stage & Motor, Differential Interference Contrast Attachment (in/out), Scriber Fixture and 1, 1.25 and 1.5 Magnifier. Located on the east coast. Email for pics and more details. On consignment, make an offer.

Replacement Laser for Zygo® MK-II, MK-III, MK-IV, and MK-IV XP interferometers. New laser with metal alignment rings installed. $1,500

Point Diffraction Interferometer (PDI) plates - manufactured in Germany - More Information in the "Interferometers" section.


Transmission Flat, 4-inch, 4% ($1,850) and 6-inch, 4% ($4,250) now available – New item, not used. Manufactured by Tower Optical in USA - compatible with all bayonet style interferometers. One week delivery.

Many more TF's and RF's available right now. Check out the complete listing under "Optical Accessories"

More equipment available.....please inquire.
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Bosby & Associates
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Auburn, CA 95603-3641
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